REDEEM DETROIT is a 501C3 non- profit organization that aims to revitalize neighborhoods in the city of Detroit. Our goal is to take vacant properties and rehabilitate them and then use them to help the citizens in the neighborhood where they are located. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance and that’s why we train At-risk youth, homeless veterans, and returning citizens in vocational and job readiness skills, and with these skills we help them become entrepreneurs or provide job placement as well as connect them to the resources they need. In return they help us clean up the neighborhood and eliminate blight.

Redeem Detroit is committed to designing services and programs reflecting:

  • A non-judgmental learning environment
  • An honoring of the individual learning process
  • The application of learning and spiritual guidance, to counseling and facilitation
  • An awareness of boundaries and personal biases


  • Accountability: At every level of our organization we are accountable to our participants, donors, volunteers, staff and the public - with unwavering integrity of program services and financial standards.
  • Community: Partnerships and collaborations are vital to our success, both inside and outside the organization, as we build communities that invest in the welfare of its residents.
  • Dignity: Through confidentiality, respect, and a commitment to quality of life, we recognize the dignity of every participant, volunteer, donor, and staff.
  • Diversity: The caring, loving, fun and dynamic nature of our organization is made possible by the diversity of the people we serve and those who help us serve.
  • Excellence: At every level of operation and public engagement – from participant case management to education and workshops, from volunteer coordination to special events - we are committed to the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Pastor Alonzo Bell, Executive Director

​​ "The entire Bible is about second chances and redemption, so if you believe in the principles of God then you should believe in Redeem Detroit because the only way for Detroit to have better schools, better neighborhoods, and better government is through Redemption."  Rev. Alonzo Bell, Executive Director

Pastor Alonzo Bell was born and raised on the eastside of Detroit. He is a graduate of Cass Technical High School; he received a Bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Michigan and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan. Pastor Bell taught math and science in Detroit Schools for 15 years, including Ben Carson Academy which was located in the Juvenile Detention Facility. He was published in medical journals at the age of 16 for his work on the effects of benz-a-pyrene (a carcinogen) on fibroblast cells and he also worked on the prevention of oxygen toxicity by the nebulization of perflubron into the lungs of patients who use oxygen tanks to help their breathing, when at the University of Michigan at 19 years old.

Pastor Bell founded the non-profit organization, Redeem Detroit in 2009, to help those who needed a second chance because without the many second chances he received, he would not be here today. He's experienced first-hand, the many woes of growing up in poverty without a father, in a toxic environment. As a youth, Pastor Bell has been involved in gangs, drugs, weapons, materialism, as well as becoming a teen father at the age of 17. Now he is the proud Pastor of Martin Evans Missionary Baptist Church, where he has received many awards and honors for his work with his people and his community, including the Channel 7 (20/20) Award.

And When asked how did he make it this far, his response is always


​​Leadership Team: Lekeisha Bell,  Gary Brunsfield, Gwendolyn Howard, Cory Pope, Raahul Reddy, Joi, Stewart, Hollie Tugwell, Eufayba Turnage, Mark Weldon, Althea Williams