Personal Development,  Financial Literacy, Parenting,  Employment Assistance, College Prep/Skilled Trades, Transportation Assistance, Child Care, Housing Assistance

Project N.O.A.H is designed to help teen parents who are graduates of Pathways Academy in Detroit, Michigan to further their education by removing barriers that may prevent them from finishing college or post-secondary training.  We also help to provide support services that will help them be successful in life outside of the classroom.

Furthermore, the participants’ young children will be enrolled in high quality early childhood development programs so they will achieve and/or exceed standard psychological and academic developmental benchmarks for their age group. Our goal is to develop a sustainable model to be replicated across affected regions in the U.S.

What We Offer
Personal Development Courses

  • Financial Literacy 100 (Academic & Occupational Paths)
  • Parenting 100 (Academic & Occupational Paths)
  • Employability 100 (Academic & Occupational Paths)
  • College Prep 100 (Academic Path)
  • Ongoing Courses – Continuing education within the Personal Development Course framework

Academic Path 

  • Community Colleges (Academic Partner)

Occupational Path

  • Skilled Trades Organizations (Occupational Partners)


  • Assistance for school, program and employment hours 

Child Care

  • Unique focus on early literacy development assistance during program, school and employment hours 


  • Assistance with paid skilled trades apprenticeships & internships (Occupational Path) or part-time employment (Academic Path)


  • Aid with assistance, program enrollment and placement 

Where Do Our Participants Come From?

Project NOAH participants are teen mothers who have graduated from Pathways Academy High School in Detroit. 

Many of the Pathways graduates get accepted into various colleges because of the wraparound services they received in the high school, but unfortunately, when they graduate, all of those resources disappear, and as a result, they never finish their first semester of college because they lack access to transportation, daycare, and sometimes even shelter. 

Project N.O.A.H provides a solution to these issues and gives these young ladies and their children a better option in life. 


Project NOAH is only for those teen parents who endure and persevere the obstacles of parenthood and will work hard enough to graduate from high school. We help them  when they struggle, but they must ultimately commit to finishing high school and a post-secondary educational program.

Program participants are held to high academic and civic standards. In addition to helping themselves, they must also participate in community service to help others.

Project NOAH produces well-rounded, empathetic leaders.

​Why Project N.O.A.H?

For Detroit teen parents from predominantly low income socio-economic backgrounds, the cycle of poverty and its devastating inter-generational impacts are increased due to the lack of support for them and their children.  This lack of support leads to decreased levels of education, employment, and sustainable wages.