Project Noah: We will give support to unemployed women with children by giving them a place to come and learn a vocational skill that will allow them to earn an income either by gaining traditional employment or by starting their own businesses. Some of these vocational skills will consist of:

  • CNA Training
  • Medical Billing
  • Culinary Arts
  • Hospitality/Waitress
  • Clerical/Filing/Customer Service
  • Sewing/Alterations/Fashion
  • Graphic Arts
  • Event Planning
  • Social Media/Marketing and Advertising

(CWFR Program). Rent will be income based or can be substituted with volunteer work and classes.

After having hands on, paid, training in some of these vocational areas, the graduates can even work in the businesses that are already established in the Redeem Center or rooms can be designated for business incubators for the most dedicated students to start their own businesses. They will pay rent based off of their revenue. These are the businesses that will be already running in the Center where the women will get paid internships:

  • Restaurant (Cafeteria)
  • Dollar Store
  • Beauty Supply/Women’s Clothing Store/Children’s Warehouse
  • Daycare
  • Children’s Birthday Parties
  • Gym Rental

These experiences along with classes on employment etiquette will help build their resumes and work ethic. Graduates of our program will be in high demand as we develop employment relationships with Local businesses such as Applebees, Chilis, Coney Island, Bettermade, Faygo, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, etc. Our students will also have voluntary internship opportunities with these community businesses.

Along with their employment training, they will also learn the following:

  • Building Credit
  • Home Ownership
  • Parenting Best Practices
  • Conflict/Resolution
  • Life skills
  • Mentorship
  • Networking and Building Relationships
  • GED Prep if needed

While they are in class learning and training, their children will be in our premium daycare learning a second language and getting the necessary tools to be on grade level or higher by the time they enter elementary school. We will have income-based daycare fees or we will be able to bill Medicaid to cover expenses.

  • We will lease space out to a clinic that specializes in women and children who accepts Medicaid and we will have a WIC office as well.

  • On the Third Floor there will be income-based, temporary, housing for those who are in desperate need of shelter and who enroll and excel in our program. Rent can also be substituted by community service hours.

  • Redeem Detroit will develop a COOP Housing Development around the school that will eliminate the blighted homes and vacant lots and make room for the graduates of our programs. This will repopulate the area and pave the way for a new Elementary School for the Children who are in our Daycare.

  • This will be a premiere school because not only will our children be ready academically and socially, we will have a relationship with their parents because both the parent and the child came through our program! We are the ones who are responsible for training and employing the parent and we are the ones who taught their children – minimum drama, maximum learning!

The women in our program will be encouraged to tell the child’s father about our Men’s Construction trades Program (VIP – Vocational Interest Program) which will be held in the building across the street – The Eastern District Development Center. The men will also learn different vocational skills such as:

  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Landscaping
  • Building Maintenance
  • Masonry
  • Window Instillation
  • Auto Mechanics

The Men will also have opportunities to start their own businesses and to work in other businesses owned by Redeem Detroit such as:

  • Airport related enterprises
  • Wash Airplanes
  • Airplane Mechanic
  • Manufacturing some airplane parts
  • Airplane Related Retail and Services
  • Landscaping
  • Moving
  • Transportation
  • Handyman Contracting
  • Auto Repair

The men will have paid internships maintaining the COOP repairs and building maintenance as well as working with the local businesses in their areas of training. In addition, they will also be taught about:

  • Fatherhood
  • Male Responsibility
  • GED Prep
  • Conflict/Resolution
  • Networking and Building Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Building credit and Home Ownership

The men will also have houses that they will rehab and eventually own and live in

Redeem Detroit will own a car dealership in which cars are donated or bought at a reasonable price and used for training. After being fixed they will be sold to our students and the public or given freely to the top achievers.

With both parents being educated in a new way and having a new perspective, they may see things different and Unite! After our courses and training, hopefully marriages and families will be developed as well as self-sustaining neighborhoods and economies which will lead to low unemployment rates and low crime rates.

There will be after school activities available to the children in the community as well.

This model can be repeated using abandoned properties in each neighborhood.


  • As you can see through the various community awards from elected officials, the channel 7 20/20 award, the pictures, the videos, and the letters of recommendations, we have been laying the foundation to revitalize the Gratiot/Conner Neighborhood (Airport District).
  • Redeem Detroit has built relationships with many of the parents and children in the neighborhood through our summer and after school programs. We have also built relationships with the other non-profits and Block Clubs.
  • We have purchased 3 commercial properties and 3 residential homes (All within 500ft from each other) where we have been running some of our programs as best as we could.
  • Duke Ellington School Building (The Redeem Center)
  • True Value Building (Eastern District Development Center)
  • Getz Printing Building (The Ark)

We have purchased the following equipment to help start the businesses for our programs:

  • Box Truck
  • Tow Truck
  • 16 Yard Trailer
  • Pickup Truck
  • 45 Passenger School Bus
  • 55 Passenger Charter Bus
  • Industrial Lawnmower
  • Small auto and carpentry tools

We have serviced over 500 children and 150 Adults over the past five years.

  • 80% of this has been done by the financial contributions of less than 5 people.
  • 95% of the work has been done by approximately 10 people who volunteer.


  • We need more volunteers.
  • We need a heating and plumbing system in our School Building because someone broke in and stole the pipes and radiators.
  • Financial donations to pay skilled staff members and teachers
  • Someone who can advise us on how to use what we have to start the businesses and generate income.
  • Once the buildings are fully operational and the businesses are started, we can use the revenue to run our programs and we will be self-sustaining.

Neighborhood revitalization strategy