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Project N.O.A.H.

Project N.O.A.H. is our entry program, designed to help teen parents, who are graduates of Pathways Academy in Detroit, to further their education by removing barriers that may prevent them from finishing college or post-secondary training.  After we help teen parents enroll in a post-secondary program, we provide mentorship, tutoring, a study hall, transportation, case management, financial literacy, and other supportive services that will help them be successful inside and outside of the classroom.

While they are in class, the participants’ young children will be enrolled in high quality early childhood development programs on site so they will achieve and/or exceed standard psychological and academic developmental benchmarks for their age group. Our goal is to decrease poverty two generations at a time and for this model to be replicated across the United States.

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Summer Bridge Program

Sponsored by:

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As a bridge from high school to a skilled trades program, we have partnered with Trane Technologies to help 10-12 graduates of the Pathways Academy graduating class every summer.  Our objectives for this partnership would be to first, spark the interest of our participants in the skilled trades arena and then prepare them for their first accredited class in the Maintenance Mechanical Associates Degree Program. The scope and sequence will be as follows for the cohort:

  • Participate in a Virtual Career Fair and Mentorship Program with Trane Staff Members. This will open the minds of the teen moms to pursue a career in the skilled trades and to show that it is possible for them to succeed.

  • Meet at the Redeem Detroit facility once a week to receive training that is aligned to the Maintenance Mechanical Trades Curriculum and an Apprenticeship Program.

  • Learn how to use your skills for Financial Empowerment


While teen moms are in class, their children will receive a quality daycare experience that will strengthen the following childhood psychological developmental stages:

  • Cognitive Development

  • Social and Emotional Development

  • Speech and Language Development

  • Fine Motor Skill Development

  • Gross Motor Skill Development

Our measurements of success is that 80% who finish the Trane Summer Bridge program will enroll into a full time skilled trades school or program and eventually earn their license and enter into the workforce as technicians and even become employees of Trane.


  • Basics Of Skilled Trades

  • Financial Empowerment

    • How To Own Your First Home

    • How to start a Business

    • Credit



  • $500 Stipend - Get Paid As You Learn!

  • Transportation

  • Daycare On Site

  • Mentorship

  • Lunch

  • Resources For Yourself And Your Child!

After School Study Hall Program

Where: 11111 Whittier Ave.  When: Tuesday-Thursday  Time: 4pm-7pm 

Quiet Study Time

At our facility we offer quiet rooms for concentration, meditation, and studying

Free Transportation

We offer free transportation to Pathways Students and Graduates to the site and back home

Computer Lab

We offer a computer lab for students to complete classwork, homework, resumes, job search, etc. We also offer spaces to have zoom meetings

Free Daycare Services

We offer free Daycare services on site for Pathways students and graduates.  While students are improving themselves, their children will begin their enhanced education

Tutoring Services

We offer onsite and virtual tutors to help with teaching difficult concepts as well as guide students on best techniques for resumes, job searches, etc.

Life Skills Workshops

We offer free workshops on Parenting, Financial Empowerment, Culinary Arts, Skilled Trades, etc.

What We Offer

Personal Development Courses

Financial Literacy 100 (Credit, Homeownership, Investing, etc)

Parenting 100 (Pre-natal and Post-natal Care)

Employability 100 (Pre-Apprenticeship, Career Training & Placement)

College Prep 100 (Tutoring, Study Hall, Best Practices)

Ongoing Courses – Continuing education within the Personal Development Course framework

Academic Path

Community Colleges (Academic Partner)

Child Care

Unique focus on early literacy development assistance during program, school and employment hours

Occupational Path

Skilled Trades Organizations (Occupational Partners)


Assistance with paid skilled trades apprenticeships & internships (Occupational Path) or part-time employment (Academic Path)


Assistance during school, program and employment hours


Aid with assistance, program enrollment and placement

Eligibility for Participants 

Insert info for eligibility

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