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Library Student

After School
Study Hall Program

Where: 11111 Whittier Ave.  When: Tues, Wed, Thur   Time: 4pm-7pm

Quiet Study Time

At our facility we offer quiet rooms for concentration, meditation, and studying

Free Transportation

We offer free transportation to Pathways Students and Graduates to the site and back home

Computer Lab

We offer a computer lab for students to complete classwork, homework, resumes, job search, etc. We also offer spaces to have zoom meetings

Free Daycare Services

We offer free Daycare services on site for Pathways students and graduates.  While students are improving themselves, their children will begin their enhanced education

Tutoring Services

We offer onsite and virtual tutors to help with teaching difficult concepts as well as guide students on best techniques for resumes, job searches, etc.

Life Skills Workshops

We offer free workshops on Parenting, Financial Empowerment, Culinary Arts, Skilled Trades, etc.


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