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For Young Graduating Parents - Eliminating Poverty
Two Generations At A Time

To increase the teen parent post-secondary graduation rate while simultaneously advancing the psychological development of their children.

Redeem Detroit will create young, educated, and employed homeowners in the City of Detroit; thereby, revitalizing entire neighborhoods socially and economically.

Redeem Detroit

Who We Are

Redeem Detroit is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that aims to revitalize neighborhoods in the city of Detroit. Our goal is to take vacant properties and rehabilitate them and then use them to help the citizens in the neighborhood where they are located.

We believe that everyone deserves a second chance and that’s why we train at-risk youth (teen parents), homeless veterans, and returning citizens in vocational and job readiness skills, and with these skills we help them become entrepreneurs or provide job placement as well as connect them to the resources they need. In return they help us clean up the neighborhood and eliminate blight.

The entire bible is about second chances and redemption, so if you believe in the principles of God then you should believe in Redeem Detroit because the only way for Detroit to have better schools, better neighborhoods, and better government is through Redemption.

Rev. Alonzo Bell, Executive Director

After School Study Hall Program

Starting November 17, 2021 


Project N.O.A.H is a program of Redeem Detroit in collaboration with Martin Evers MBC, Pathways Academy, several stakeholders, and employers in Detroit, MI.  We help teen parents who graduate from Pathways Academy finish college and other post-secondary educational programs and place them into life changing careers.

It is also the brain child of Rev. Alonzo Bell, Executive Director of Redeem Detroit.


What We Offer.

Personal Development Courses

Academic Resources

Child Care

Occupational Training




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With the support of our community leaders, We have been able to serve over 1000 families in Detroit.