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Redeem Detroit Projects

Renovation Projects

Redeem Detroit has successfully renovated five commercial buildings and has used each building to serve the different needs of the community.  Four of the five buildings are less than 200 feet apart from one another.



The outside of the church was given façade improvements and the back of the church was renovated to create two classrooms and a computer lab for after school programs.



Once an old abandoned True Value Hardware, we renovated this building to be used as a pop up shop for the community as well as an auto repair shop.  Many of our young people and our returning citizens were trained in automotive mechanics right here in this building.  All of the renovation work was done with the help of returning citizens within our Redeem Detroit Moving Forward Association Program. Some of the work included facade improvements, a new roof, entirely new electrical infrastructure, plumbing, and much more.



Once an abandoned print shop, it was totally renovated to house the Ark Senior Center that served 40 senior citizens daily by providing free food, transportation and mental health counseling.  The center employed eight Detroiters and supported four Detroit businesses.