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Summer Bride Program

8-Weeks Starting in June 



As a bridge from high school to a skilled trades program, we have partnered with Trane Technologies to help ten of the 40 graduates of the 2021 Pathways Academy graduating class this summer.  Our objectives for this partnership would be to first, spark the interest of our participants in the skilled trades arena and then prepare them for their first accredited class in the Maintenance Mechanical Associates Degree Program. The scope and sequence will be as follows for the cohort of ten:

  • Participate in a Virtual Career Fair and Mentorship Program with Trane Staff Members in June 2021. This will open the minds of the teen moms to pursue a career in the skilled trades and to show that it is possible for them to succeed.

  • Meet at the Redeem Detroit facility once a week to receive training that is aligned to the Maintenance Mechanical Trades Curriculum and an Apprenticeship Program.


While teen moms are in class, their children will receive a quality daycare experience that will strengthen the following childhood psychological developmental stages:

  • Cognitive Development

  • Social and Emotional Development

  • Speech and Language Development

  • Fine Motor Skill Development

  • Gross Motor Skill Development

Our measurements of success is that 80% who finish the Trane Summer Bridge program will enroll into an accredited Maintenance Mechanical Program, 100% will finish the program and receive their certificates or degrees and 100% enter into the workforce as technicians as eventually become employees of Trane.


  • Basics Of Skilled Trades

  • How To Use Social Media To Start A Business

  • How To Own Your First Home


  • $500 Stipend - Get Paid As You Learn!

  • Transportation

  • Daycare On Site

  • Mentorship

  • Lunch

  • Resources For Yourself And Your Child!


PLEASE NOTE: This application must be submitted with essay and all applicable documents. See General Instructions below for additional information about completing this application. 

General Instructions to Applicant

  1. Complete the application to the best of your ability and provide as many documents as you can.  If you do not have any of the required documents, we will help you obtain them.

  2. Complete 2 essays on the following topics:

    1. Describe a time during your studies at Pathways Academy when you had to overcome a very difficult obstacle. (300 word limit)

    2. Describe two things outside of academics you enjoy doing and you do very well. Example: hair, carpentry, making jewelry, etc. (300 word limit)

  3. This application is the first impression you will make upon those who award program participation.

  4. Check with your school administration and/or send any questions to